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Making property simple

At PFK we don't strive to exist, we strive for more, to develop and make a lasting contribution to the world in which we live.

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Welcome from PFK

Welcome from PFK

Our purpose shapes everything we do.

This includes providing simple, effective and quality communication with our stakeholders.

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Three reasons to invest in PFK

A purpose-led organisation

Our purpose is internally driven by the leaders of the Company whose daily behaviours and decisions reflect the Company’s values. This creates a values-based culture, which builds trustworthy relationships between employees and drives positive interactions with customers.

A purpose-led organisation

Commitment to shareholder value

Through our strategy we are committed as a Company to enhancing shareholder value through the growth of Property Services, managing existing assets to maximise returns and the further establishment of PFK as an income generating, non-quoted, trading PLC.

Commitment to shareholder value

A Progressive business model

As the Company grows and evolves, the business model will flex and is dynamic in its approach to move quickly to a shorter term opportunity whilst still securing further, longer-term, reliable cashflows.

A Progressive business model

Corporate social responsibility

We have an important role to play in the community, and to communicate regularly with other community stakeholders to generate positive outcomes.


At PFK, we believe that in order to secure a successful, long-term future for the business, it is important to make a positive impact, both on those around us and the environment.

Our focus on corporate social responsibility is part of our wider corporate strategy and focuses on three key areas;

  • Inclusivity and fairness with our stakeholders
  • Promoting a thriving local community
  • Managing our environmental impact


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